In house test facility - thermowave


TÜV-confirmed performance – thermowave’s internal facility test provides accurate data on the heat transfer and pressure drop of their plate heat exchangers

thermowave, based in Berga, Germany, specialises in plate heat exchangers for refrigeration, HVAC and the food and chemical industries. thermowave is one of the few companies in the world to have its own test facility where it tests all its products for heat transfer and pressure drop. Correlations obtained from a large number of measurement points are integrated into to the company’s own calculation software ThermoLineCalculator (TLC).

Instead of resorting to theoretical performance curves or empirical equations taken from the literature, thermowave puts its products to the test. Measurements are taken with water as the hot and water-glycol as the cold fluid. The test facility is equipped with flow meters measuring Coriolis forces and other highly sensitive state-of-the-art sensors.

By carrying out a series of tests, varying the mass flow on both sides while maintaining constant inlet temperatures, thermowave obtains results for the relevant range of Reynolds numbers. The characteristic curves obtained from the values measured for mass flow, temperature, and pressure differences, define the performance of the plate heat exchangers as regards heat transfer and pressure drop.

The certification by TÜV Thüringen, which is renewed every two years, confirms that the design calculations agree with actual performance data. thermowave evaluates and processes the results so that they can be incorporated directly into the design program. In this way it is possible to determine robust performance figures for all the sizes of plate heat exchangers with various channel profiles, so as to guarantee customers a performance profile that precisely fulfils their needs.

Materials management

materials management

It takes top-quality components to make top-quality heat exchangers.

As an internationally operated company with offices and production facilities worldwide, we work closely with qualified and reliable suppliers. In production we exclusively use top-quality raw materials from certified brand-name manufacturers and suppliers and convert these raw materials into energy-efficient, high-quality products. Our professional team uses state-of-the-art production tools and is represented worldwide in order to our meet customers’ requirements when it comes to quality, delivery times and efficiency.