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Company founded in response to market developments

In the early 1990s, it became apparent that the growing use of the natural refrigerant ammonia would increase the demand for corrosion-resistant plate heat exchangers. Adopting a far-sigh ted approach, the founding fathers looked for a 20,000 m2 plot of land to set up thermowave. This site needed to provide, amongst other things, good traffic connections to the main road network.

As early as 1993, the first construction phase of the new production facility in Berga was completed and the machines were installed and set up for test runs. After one year of operations, the workforce launched production with the 6,000-ton embossing press and the 500-ton cutting press.


About thermowave

Thermowave is a leading manufacturer of plate heat exchangers configured according to customer specifications in a wide range of materials, frame designs and sizes. Its head office is in Berga halfway between Göttingen and Leipzig. The product portfolio covers everything from standard heat exchangers for HVAC applications to highly specialised apparatuses for industrial refrigeration, the food and beverages industry, the chemical and process industry, and the energy sector.

New production technology for even more powerful products

In 2008, the production area had doubled to 5,000 m². The most important innovations in the production technology were the construction of a 12,000-ton press (60,000 kN) and a new laser system. This modern equipment enables both larger and more powerful products to be manufactured than with the production technology of the first construction phase.

Parallel to the expanded production capacities, the number of thermowave employees also rose to more than 100 in 2008. thermowave is proud of the fact that the new employees come from the region and have acquired the necessary specialist knowledge on the job or continue to obtain further qualifications.

In 2008, four additional product lines were developed using the new technical equipment. These new products were manufactured using state-of-the-art control and regulation equipment, and successfully launched on the market. Each plate heat exchanger that leaves the plant in Berga today is one of a kind and produced according to individual customer requirements.

Three continents, many lines of Business

Thermowave’s main sales area now comprises the DACH region, France, Eastern Europe, Asia and America. Nowadays, thermowave’s main business line is refrigeration and air conditioning technology for the chemical and industrial sectors. Additional sectors such as plant engineering, heating technology and the drinks and food industry offer further interesting market potential for future growth.

Rapid expansion of product portfolio and equipment

The product portfolio was already undergoing expansion as a laser-welding machine now complemented the machine park, making it possible to also offer welded modules. The product range as well as the technical equipment of the production facilities also continued to grow continuously in the subsequent period. Three product lines  leading to the company’s decision to build a second production hall for even more sophisticated plate heat exchangers.

30 years thermowave


Plate heat exchangers are used to transfer heat or cold between two liquids. They are made of embossed pairs of interconnected plates which have two channels inside. A warm medium flows through one channel and through the other channel, a cold. The two media flow in countercurrent flow.

Because of the use of different media, we offer solutions for various industries. Our plate heat exchangers are suitable for cooling, heating, condensation, evaporation, ventilation and refrigeration applications. Design and construction of the apparatuses are bespoken and completed with a constant eye for technical competence.

The product portfolio of thermowave includes gasketed and module welded plate heat exchangers. We focus on applications in these areas:

  • Refrigeration
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • HVAC
  • Process Technology
  • Power


We are the specialist for phase-change! When evaporating and condensing, our leading modular welded plate heat exchangers are used in the area of high pressure applications and applications with natural refrigerants.



Qualified and motivated staff ensure a consistently high level of quality across all products to the benefit of our customers. Our experience in the industrial transfer of heat allows us to work with you, our customers, to develop new innovative products to launch onto the market.

We have set ourselves the challenge of guaranteeing you first-class support, ranging from optimised and customised configuration right up to any service requirements you may have. Our lifelong guarantee of the availability of spare parts for your apparatuses ensures economic viability and high levels of availability when using thermoline plate heat exchangers.


Our production sites and our products meet all applicable international standards and are examined by independent certification agencies.