Performance and values



Over the last few decades, Thermowave GmbH has developed from a regional specialist to an international company.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of heat transfer technology, Thermowave is present on every continent, with distribution channels all over the world. The Thermowave name is synonymous with innovative, top-quality products. Thermowave products are “Made in Germany” and with over 30 years of experience and continuous development ensure the high-quality standard.

Corporate culture

What’s most important to us are our employees. Our performance is the outcome of each employee’s dedication. Everyone, from the engineer to the maintenance technician to the production assistant, possesses a sharp sense of professionalism, responsiveness, and adaptation. They could tackle the various obstacles they encountered while working on significant international contracts.

An essential feature of our corporate culture is respect and good cooperation between employees. We firmly believe that non-discrimination, equality and tolerance are the basis for success and good cooperation. Our commitment to continuous improvement in our business ensures long-term success for our customers and partners.

We take our responsibility to the environment and to society very seriously. High-performance systems that are safe over the long term help to conserve resources and protect our health and quality of life.

At Thermowave, reliability, competence and personal contact are the hallmarks of every customer relationship.



The company’s main objective is to satisfy our customers completely. All our activities are driven by this objective. Exceeding our customers’ expectations, optimizing costs, using state-of-the-art production and control tools, focusing on our employees – all this makes Thermowave an indispensable partner for our customers.

Customers at the heart of our commitment

Long-term customer loyalty and a high level of customer satisfaction give us confidence in our business, and at the same time guarantee our future success. Thanks to our leadership in technology, innovation and costs, we are constantly consolidating our competitive edge. Throughout the world, our corporate culture is marked by openness, fairness, determination and focus on our core competencies. This is how we meet the challenges of everyday life, together with our employees, customers and partners.

Thermowave has prioritized research and development by continuously listening to the needs of its customers and the market. Regular investments in machinery enable our company to consistently provide you with higher-quality products on the market.

Thermowave and his team can offer you focused abilities in all product activities, areas of expertise in numerous processes, and successful industry accomplishments. We provide more than just heat exchangers. We have specialists in numerous areas to assist you in streamlining the production process. In addition, we serve as the main resource for existing heat exchanger restoration, reconditioning, and thermal resizing.

Social commitment

Social commitment

Based on a sense of responsibility towards our staff and society, our way of doing business follows one of our guiding principles, which is to scrupulously respect social values: Thermowave strives to assume its responsibility towards society and to provide as much practical help as possible. The company’s success is always associated with social responsibility, which we, as part of society, see not as an obligation, but as an investment in our common future.

We regard investment in local social projects as an essential component of our social responsibility. For this reason, we invest in associations and social establishments in the Berga district, supporting them through donations or orders, and participating in their activities. It’s important to us to be able to share our success with others, so that we can work together more effectively.