Plate heat exchangers play a vital role in transferring heat or cold between two liquids. They consist of embossed pairs of interconnected plates, each featuring two channels inside. One channel carries a warm medium, while the other carries a cold medium, facilitating a countercurrent flow arrangement.

Due to the versatility offered by utilizing different media, we provide solutions tailored to various industries. Our heat exchangers are adept at handling cooling, heating, condensation, evaporation, ventilation, and refrigeration applications. Each apparatus is meticulously designed and constructed with a keen focus on technical competence.

In our product lineup at thermowave, you’ll find both gasketed and module welded plate heat exchangers. Our emphasis is on applications within key sectors, including refrigeration, the food and beverage industry, HVAC, process technology, and power generation.

We take pride in our specialization in phase-change processes! Particularly in applications involving high pressure and natural refrigerants, our cutting-edge modular welded plate heat exchanger excel in both evaporating and condensing scenarios.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

gasketed plate heat exchanger

A combination of heat transfer plates that are individually stamped and equipped with gaskets positioned around each plate.

semi-welded plate heat exchanger

A combination of welded and gasketed plates, offering a balance between high heat transfer efficiency and reliability.

Semi welded plate heat exchangers