EXTREMELY Complex market

Cooling the power generation, distribution and conversion processes required in the energy sector is an extremely complex branch of industry, requiring a great deal of experience and technical know-how. At thermowave, we’ve been working in this field for many years, and in addition to personal advice and technical expertise, we offer our customers international production, guaranteed delivery, an efficient spare parts service and high production capacity.

Elevate your power energy operations with the unmatched efficiency and reliability of plate heat exchangers. In the dynamic landscape of the power energy sector, maximizing thermal performance and minimizing energy consumption are paramount. Plate heat exchangers have emerged as indispensable components in power plants and energy facilities, offering superior heat transfer capabilities and versatility.

Plate heat exchangers play a critical role in various applications within the power energy sector, including power generation, renewable energy systems, and energy recovery processes. Whether it’s cooling turbine lubrication oil, condensing steam, or preheating feedwater, these innovative devices deliver precise temperature control and optimize thermal efficiency.

One of the key advantages of plate heat exchangers is their ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures commonly encountered in power energy applications. Their robust construction, corrosion-resistant materials, and compact design make them ideal for handling aggressive fluids and extreme operating conditions.

Moreover, plate heat exchangers can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different power energy processes. With options for different plate materials, gasket materials, and configurations, these versatile devices can accommodate a wide range of fluid types, temperatures, and pressures, ensuring compatibility and performance.

At Thermowave, we specialize in providing high-quality plate heat exchangers tailored to the unique needs of the power energy sector. Our products are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and durability, helping power plants and energy facilities achieve their sustainability goals while maximizing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Experience the difference with plate heat exchangers in your power energy operations. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions and how they can help you optimize thermal performance and enhance productivity in your facility.


Modern power plants achieve maximum efficiency from the primary energy used. These plants cannot do without additional cooling. Thermowave plate heat exchangers handle both cooling processes (e.g. turbine cooling) and preheating processes. They are suitable for a wide range of application processes.

Thanks to the wide range of dimensions, variations in plate geometry and the combination possibilities of our plate profiles, thermowave plate heat exchangers can be put to work in a wide variety of power plant technologies.


Energy transmission and conversion play a fundamental role in modern economies. The high demands inherent in such tasks also apply to the components used in the necessary plants. The key word here is heat recovery, from the extraction of raw materials to the final product .


The production and processing of oil and gas requires the cooling and reheating of process fluids and equipment in many different areas.

Whether in locations around the world, each with its own particular requirements (e.g. in the middle of the desert or on the open sea), or in local applications such as the production of biodiesel, glycerine and biogas from renewable raw materials in biorefineries, all define a multitude of application conditions for plate heat exchangers.



Evaporators are key components of re-frigeration systems. Depending on your requirements, thermowave plate heat exchangers can be designed as gravity eva-porators, pump mode evaporators or dry expansion mode evaporators.
The variability of our plate structures de- livers optimal performance, footprint and price for each of these applications.

thermowave evaporators are used primarily with natural coolants, but are also suited for synthetic refrigerants. Our thermoli-nePlus series with operating pressures of up to 63 bar is particularly suited for CO2 applications.