Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

On the safe side

thermowave plate heat exchangers have been a success in the food and beverage sector for more than 20 years. This is why we are fully aware of the requirements for this quality-sensitive industry. When it comes to challenging applications, our unique design of plates and gaskets is able to withstand high­pressure applications. ldeal product safety is also assured in recognition of the external (pressure overload) and internal (vacuum) gasket supports.

Regardless of special material combinations, hygienic design, dimension requirements or special pressure levels – with our thermolinePure product line we will find the perfect solution for you.

Demands placed on the quality of food are rising steadily and these increase the requirements for production as well. Apart from the raw materials used, the way these materials are processed also plays an important role in relation ta the quality of the end products. 

thermowave plate heat exchangers are used in applications involved in the manufacturing food and beverage industries. The applications comprise heating and cooling of products such as soft drinks, water, juices, beer and milk and preservation by pasteurization or high temperature. 

As the demand for conserving energy and resources and the usage of raw materials has increased, thermowave plate heat exchangers provide highly efficient energy transfer and careful

handling of product flows and thus assertively contribute ta ensuring product quality.

thermowave has developed the ‘thermolinePure‘ series which is specifically designed ta meet the needs of the quality-sensitive food and beverage industry. thermowave plate heat exchangers have been proven in the food and beverage industry with their special hygienic design. 

To meet the high standards of efficiency, hygiene and safety, thermowave plate heat exchangers are characterized by their compact design, ease of installation and long service lite span as well as their low maintenance requirements. 


Germany is the European champion in per capita consumption of soft drinks. Whether fruit juices, smoothies, iced tea, coke, chilled coffees or bionade – the ran­ge is constantly growing.

thermowave plate heat exchangers have proven themselves in the beve­rage industry over many years. The selection of materials and variants gu­arantees an efficient solution bath technically and economicaily for ail applications.


thermowave plate heat exchangers support you in extracting oils from ail types of oil seeds and fruits. From vegetable raw material to oil, our apparatuses are used in the most wide-ranging variants.

For example, thermowave plate heat exchangers are used for cooling and heating sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and rapeseed methyl ester, as distillate cool­ers, ester heaters and also as heaters for glycerol.

Brewery products

The individual process steps involved
in brewing require different temperature levels. Different types of heat recovery are therefore also implemented in the process. thermolinePure is the right choice for ail applications where the plate heat exchanger cornes in direct contact with food. This is because this product line has been devel­oped especiaily for the food industry and complies with the most stringent hygiene standards.

Milk products

Milk and milk products are among the most quality-sensitive foodstuffs of ail. thermolinePure plate heat exchangers satis/y the strictes! requirements with re­spect to hygiene and food safety, be it for pasteurisation, heating or cooling and are resistant to the necessary cleaning ope rations.

The frames corne in stainless steel cladding or are fuily made of stainless steel, and the plates are either made of stainless steel or of titanium. A top-class finish with a glass bead blasted or polished sur­face prevents even the smailest deposits. A variety of materials can be selected for gaskets and connections.

Cascade heat transfer

Cascade heat transfer

The semi-welded plate heat exchanger design has a key advantage over other fully-welded constructions.

Thanks to the modular gasketed structure, large temperature differences and the resulting temperature stresses can be counterbalanced more efficiently. The thermowave cascade heat exchangers are also available as thermolinePlus vari-ants with an operating pressure of up to 63 bar.



Evaporators are key components of re-frigeration systems. Depending on your requirements, thermowave plate heat exchangers can be designed as gravity eva-porators, pump mode evaporators or dry expansion mode evaporators.
The variability of our plate structures de- livers optimal performance, footprint and price for each of these applications.

thermowave evaporators are used primarily with natural coolants, but are also suited for synthetic refrigerants. Our thermoli-nePlus series with operating pressures of up to 63 bar is particularly suited for CO2 applications.