Thermowave GmbH joins Nexson Group, a leading and trusted heat exchanger components supplier worldwide.

Nexson Group acquires the German quality plate heat exchanger manufacturer Thermowave GmbH, part of the globally leading refrigeration components provider Güntner group.

About Nexson Group

NEXSON Group SAS, headquartered in the centre of France is a privately owned SME and a hidden champion.Nexson Group is a focused and technically oriented key thermal process component producer with more than 30 years of experience in innovative welded heat exchangers and pressure vessels based on sustainabilityenergy efficiency and heat recovery. The large and comprehensive range of premium customized solutions of Nexson Group are reliably operating in demanding and high-end heat transfer processes and applications across all kinds of industries. Additionally with the trust of its customers Nexson Group is growing successfully and globally with over 98 % export business activity.
Furthermore, due to expansion of production capacity of Nexson Group coupled with the ongoing increase of portfolio of solutions driven by innovation and dedication with uncompromising technical performance has transformed Nexson Group to a leading and trusted heat exchanger components supplier wordwide.

About Güntner GmbH

Güntner GmbH & Co KG based in Fürstenfeldbruck, is a worldwide leading manufacturer in heat exchange technology. The Group offers solutions from food cooling and comfort air conditioning in office buildings to energy & power cooling, Over a 90-year history Güntner grows strong and operates worldwide with production sites in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

About Thermowave Gmbh

Thermowave GmbH. is a leading manufacturer of plate heat exchangers configured and designed according to customer specifications in a wide range of materials, frame designs and sizes. Its head office is in Berga halfway between Göttingen and Leipzig has more than a hundred employees. The product portfolio covers everything from standard heat exchangers for HVAC applications to highly specialised apparatuses for industrial refrigeration, the food and beverages industry, the chemical and process industry, and the energy sector. All Thermowave products are “Made in Germany” and with over 30 years of experience and continuous development ensure the high-quality standard.

Thermowave portfolio


Plate heat exchangers from the thermolineEco series are characterized not only by their superior dynamic performance but also by their extremely high stability and efficiencythermolineEco products can be adjusted to their operating conditions for ideal results thanks to their combination of tried and tested technology with a particularly compact design. thermolineEco plate heat exchangers are designed as a highly standardized modular construction system and can be delivered at a fair price/performance ratio within a few days.



Cooling foodstuffs, process media, rooms and buildings places particularly high demands on thermodynamic and hydraulic design which ultimately result in process safety. Thermowave plate heat exchangers from the thermolineVario product range are extremely flexible in design and construction.



For all processes that involve cooling and heating in the food and beverage industry, the thermolinePure product line has a plate heat exchanger which is suitable for this application. Their extensive experience in the high-pressure applications provides the highest quality in thermolinePure plate heat exchangers. The plates pasteurisers of this product line for beer, milk, water, soft drinks and other beverages meet the most stringent requirements.



thermolinePlus are characterized by their outstanding efficiency in high-pressure applications with natural coolants such as CO2 and NH3. With thermolinePlus, Thermowave offers you a superior high pressure machine in semi-welded design with an operating pressure of up to 63 bar on the module side. The variety of our frame designs and connection types are sure to impress in this area. thermolinePlus apparatuses are composed of laser welded modules and can be used for industrial cooling processes requiring low evaporating temperatures.


About the acquisition

The acquisition of Thermowave in Germany through the Nexson Group will operate as a stand-alone entity under the existing name of Thermowave to strengthen and further compliment Nexson Groups portfolio with gasketed and semi welded plate heat exchangers as key process components with a focus on technological superiority and innovation. This acquisition is to further globally expand and provide added diversity the existing heat transfer and heat recovery offerings of Nexson Group with highly efficient gasketed and semi-welded plate heat exchangers.

Thermowave area of activity will expand to competently reach all applications and industries as per the parameters of the technology. Nexson Group will additionally expand with Thermowave its activity within high potential growth sectors such as H2 and for the transformation towards renewable fuels and energy as well as Carbon Capture that rely on highly efficient and safe heat transfer technology.

We are confident that Nexson Group with the acquisition of Thermowave will utilize significant future growth opportunities with positive impact for customers globally in search of a wide range of reliable, quality heat exchangers from one single source.