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Frozen bakery products with a long tradition

The company Neuhauser was founded in France in 1906 and is a main supplier of frozen bakery products in Europe. More than 3,000 employees work every day in one of 21 production centers. Within a year, the company produces 1.5 billion pastries and 600 million baguettes.

In 2009, a new Neuhauser production center was opened in Furst. The biggest challenge for this project is cooling a 90,000 m³ cold store.

Neuhauser chose a thermowave NH3/CO2 cascade system that, in parallel, also supplies the frozen plant – by the interconnection of two refrigeration plants. The resulting condensation heat of the lower stage implemented by the evaporation of the cascade heat exchanger lower pressure differentials. This allows for an enormous efficiency increase of the system.

thermowave impressed with the modular designed apparatus. If necessary, this design allows uncomplicated changing of single plates. If the existing systems need to be optimized – in compliance with the economy – or adapted to new operating conditions, the equipment can be upgraded directly on site. Moreover, additional plates can be inserted without any problems.

The gaskets are useful for compensating thermal expansion. Laser-welded modules (without filler metal) guarantee a stable construction.

The effective surface textures allow for a temperature difference in the cascade system of up to 2°K between evaporation and condensation. This allows for maximum energy efficiency and thus ensures the efficiency of the system.



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