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thermowave plate heat exchangers at sea

To ensure a smooth and efficient beer production, a thermowave plate heat exchanger of the thermolinePure series is integrated into the brewing process.

A big challenge is placed on technical equipment in the shipbuilding industry: spacesaving construction, ship-specific mounts and compliance with the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USPH standard). However, the thermowave plate heat exchanger TL 90 with its compact design, low weight and high flexibility is ideally suited for this.

With regard to the requirements of the sensitive food industry, all plate heat exchangers of the product line thermolinePure are designed and built according to „Hygienic Design“. The apparatus on the AIDAblu is used for cooling the wort from 90 °C to about 20 °C. In addition, thermowave plate heat exchangers can also be used in the brewing process as brewing water cooler, beer cooler and pasteurizers.

After the successful commissioning of the brewery on the AIDAblu, there are already three other cruise ships of AIDA Cruises now (AIDAsol, AIDAmar, Aida Stella) with breweries on board. thermowave plate heat exchangers have successfully been used again.

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