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thermowave, Gesellschaft für Wärmetechnik mbH in Berga (Saxony Anhalt) has been developing, producing and marketing plate heat exchangers for industry and commerce since 1992.

The company was principally set up with the aid of institutional shareholders, allowing thermowave and its products to enter a very receptive market. Plate heat exchangers from thermowave, marketed under the name of thermoline, are established players on the German and international market. There are more than 40.000 thermoline plate heat exchanger in operation around the world. They are produced at the Berga site in Germany using modern production methods.

thermowave is in possession of all the necessary certificates (e. g. ISO 9001/2000, PED 97/23 EC, ASME U&UM Stamp).

Qualified and motivated staff ensure a consistently high level of quality across all products to the benefit of our customers. Our experience in the industrial transfer of heat allows us to work with you, our customers, to develop new innovative products to launch onto the market. We have set ourselves the challenge of guaranteeing you first-class support, ranging from optimised and customised configuration right up to any service requirements you may have. Our lifelong guarantee of the availability of spare parts for your apparatuses ensures economic viability and high levels of availability when using thermoline plate heat exchangers.

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thermowave milestones

Introduction of the high-pressure apparatus series thermoPlus
Introduction of the high-pressure apparatus series thermoPlusy

1992Company foundation in Berga
1993Development of the thermoline TL 90/150 (DN 40) and TL 250/500 (DN 100) series; construction of the office and manufacturing building at the Berga location
1994Start of sales activities and start of series production
1995Expansion of sales activities in Europe, Asia and South America
1997Development of the thermoline series acc. to Hygienic Design
2000DIN ISO 9001 Certification
2007Construction of the second production hall with second plate press and second laser system
2007Development, production and market launch of the TL 1100, TL 1500 and TL 2000 apparatus types
2008First company worldwide with successful certification of the test facility and the TLC calculation software by the German Technical Inspection Authority TÜV Thüringen
2009Introduction of the thermolineEco series
201220th thermowave anniversary
2015Introduction of the high-pressure apparatus series thermoPlus